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Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 2.3.21

This week’s permits include $8 million of continuing work on a manufacturing site in Chesterfield, Goochland townhouses, and downtown Richmond offices upfitting for tenants. Read the entire list of permits, become a BizSense Pro.

New Business Licenses: 2.5.21

Henrico and Chesterfield report moving services, retail, janitorial and more. To read this week’s licenses, become a BizSense Pro member.

Foreclosures: 2.1.21

This week’s properties total over $4 million with the top auction of a $772,000 home in Chesterfield. To read all of this week’s properties, become a BizSense Pro member.

The Agenda: Local government briefs for 2.1.21

Noon today is the cutoff to apply for outdoor heat lamps from the city, proposed townhomes on Libbie Avenue go to the Planning Commission, and Ashland offers grant assistance.

New Business Licenses: 1.29.21

Chesterfield reports licenses in beauty care, personal services, landscaping and more. To get all of this week’s licenses, become a BizSense Pro member.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 1.28.21

Small businesses are defaulting on financial agreements. A contractor says he hasn’t been paid all he is due after a Chinese paper company failed to build here. BizSense Pro members get full access.

The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 1.27.21

Some of this week’s patents include control system security, a re-sealable cigarette pack and a purifying diamond powder.